Customizing Top Game Software

Top Game is one of the leading software providers to the online casino industry. It provides a wide range of online casino games. Because players have different preferences Top Game offers some customization features in the software. Hence players can wager in an environment they find conducive.

There are two broad types of customization features in Top Game software. The first type relates to the casino lobby and is operational when the player is within the lobby. The options can be accessed by clicking on the Settings button in the top right of the lobby screen. The Lobby Settings have three options. The first is Background Music. Players can choose from Classical, Jazz and Spanish. The music will play in the background whenever the player is in the lobby. Players can also opt for No Sound. They can do this if they find the background music a hindrance or if they would prefer to listen to their own music. Two other customization buttons are provided in the lobby. One is the Mute button which turns the sound on and off. The other button enables and disables the full screen view.

Each game has its own customization options in Top Game software. These options can be activated through the Game Settings button. There are three different sets of game settings for slot games, table games and other games. The table games cover blackjack, roulette and baccarat. The first customization option is Game Speed and the choices are Slow, Normal and High. The speed differences are more pronounced in card games. The Dealer Voice gives the options of Male, Female and No Voice. Top Game is perhaps the only online casino software provider that offers a male or female option in the dealer voice. The third option is Sounds. This refers to the background sounds that create a live casino effect. In card games this includes the sound of the cards being dealt. In roulette games the sound is of the ball spinning in the wheel. In all table games there is the sound of the chips being handled. Players have the option of turning off these sounds. In Top Game software the desired options have to be set for each game individually, otherwise the default options will apply.

Slot games require different types of customizations. One is the background music played when the reels are spinning. This music can be turned on or off. The other game setting is sound effects. This includes the sound of the reels spinning and the win sounds. This too can be turned on or off. Animations have become an integral part of slots games. In Top Game slots certain key symbols, like wild symbols, get animated when they appear in winning combinations. After playing the slot game for some time, the animations may lose their novel charm. Therefore the Top Game software provides a choice to the players for disabling the animations.

The third category of customization in Top Game software pertains to online casino games like video poker, keno and scratch cards. This has the single simple option of enabling or disabling the sounds. The prominent Top Game online casinos include Rome Casino and Diceland Casino.

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