Casino Legalization in Kansas Will Keep Coming Back

The question remains if the Kansan Supreme Court’s school funding decision will allow the legalization of casinos in the state of Kansas. Lawmaker,Sen. Chris Steineger, a pro- gambling Kansas City says, “The state of Kansas has other budget issues besides schools that are going to require more money.”

Steineger promised that “Gaming will keep coming back until we get it passed. It’s an issue that’s really not so much about school finance, but about money that is rightfully ours.”

In a statement made Steineger added: “I’d estimate Kansas has missed out on $500 million that we just gave away to the state of Missouri and to the Indian tribes. That’s money that could have been reduced taxes or spent on health care or on schools.”

Four tribal-owned casinos are tucked out of the way by Kansas on rural reservations. Members of the Kansas Coalition in Problem Gambling are working on an extra basis to combat the effects of compulsive gambling across the state.

Last week’s coalition cited an estimate by the Harvard Medical School Division of Addiction that 4 percent of the population of the adult or 73,000 people of Kansas have a gambling problem.

A coalition member said, “Gambling can be a source of entertainment, a chance to socialize with others in a fun, safe and exciting atmosphere, and perhaps to win some money. However, in recent years, Kansas have been gambling in record numbers.” This caused the distraction of the life of the people of Kansas.

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