Casino Filipino Leader in Philippine Gaming

If you want to talk about gambling in the Philippines, the Casino Filipino cannot be taken out of the discussion; for the Casino Filipino is the frontrunner in providing great gambling experience to both locals and foreigners alike.

There are several branches of this gambling wonder scattered throughout the Phillipines. You may find them near metropolitan areas, like in Tagaytay or in Cebu or as far away as Davao. But the two Casino Filipino branches listed here are found in the nation’s densely populated capital, which is Manila.

Casino Filipino Pavillion

A gambling foreigner who would be looking for Casino Filipino Pavillion will not have such a hard time locating it since it is situated in a very popular place. The Casino Filipino Pavillion is along United Nations Avenue. The LRT, or the Light Railways Transit, has a station on the United Nations Avenue. This train is very much used by locals, so asking for directions to the Casino Filipino Pavillion guarantees good results.

Unlike other gambling houses, the Casino Filipino Pavillion operates 24 hours a day. So whatever time you arrive, you are sure that you can play your favorite gambling game right away. There would be no need to wait.

It is also relatively huge gaming floor with over five hundred slot machines and over a hundred table games. Gambling visitors can surely expect a lot of gambling action to happen in their visit.

The hotel, which is the Holiday Inn Pavillion Hotel is also large with more than five hundred rooms that can be used by travelers and gambling guests as well. The rooms are elegant, and luxurious, very much like the ones in Las Vegas.

Casino Filipino Silahis

Compared to Casino Filipino Pavillion, the Casino Filipino Silahis is a lot smaller, with only over three hundred slot machines to offer. The table games are less than fifty, which really can say how small this is next to the Casino Filipino in United Nations Avenue. By the way, this gambling house is situated along Roxas Boulevard, one of the major roads in Manila, and in the whole Philippines as well.

Although the gambling house itself is not that big, the same cannot be said with the hotel, where this casino is located. The hotel, which is named Grand Boulevard Hotel, includes four hundred and eighty rooms, almost as many as there are in the Holiday Inn Pavillion Hotel.

Whichever Casino Filipino you choose, you will surely have the time of your gambling life once you set foot on any of them.

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