Fundamentals and Guidelines

Each casino poker game is different, but there are a lot of similarities between them. Along these lines, players who want to learn to play them well should start off with the fundamental guidelines that govern the games as a whole and then move forward from there. What we want to do here is break down these games in terms of what you need to be thinking about at each stage. While every game won’t have each stage, after you read through this, you’ll be prepared to take on any casino poker challenge that comes your way.

Drawing rounds are a good example of an area where some games are relevant and others are not. The first thing to look for is if a game charges a fee to draw. If so, then you should keep your drawing to a single card and only in high-reward situations. Typically this will mean drawing to a flush or straight, particularly if you have high cards in your hand that could make a big pair as well. If there is no charge for drawing, then you can get wide open with it since you’ll have a free chance to improve your hand.

Next up, you need to think about the two sources of information that you can have in a game. The first source of information is the cards that are in your own hand, and the second is the cards that are in the dealer’s hand. In almost every single situation out there for every single casino poker game that exists, the information you get from your own hand is much more important than any cards the dealer may be showing. The only time you should even care much about the dealer’s cards is when you have a borderline situation that could go either way.

Here’s why this is the case. In blackjack, for example, the dealer card matters a lot because it drastically affects the chances of the dealer busting. In casino poker, seeing a single dealer card doesn’t change the potential outcome of the game very much at all. Because of this, it’s simply not an important piece of information. If you keep all of these guidelines in mind, then you’ll have a much easier time adapting to new casino poker games and getting better at the ones you already play.

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