William Hill Online

A deal was announced yesterday which will see William Hill Plc paying £424 million to Playtech Ltd in order to acquire the twenty nine per cent stake that the latter holds in William Hill Online, which was once a joint venture between the two companies. The site was formed in December 2008 when Playtech made an investment into the company to help it launch, but is now ready to move forwards on its own, according to spokespeople.
The company will now gain full ownership of their online casino games along with the bingo hall, poker room, and sports book that they run through the same service. It will mostly be funded by a £375 million fully underwritten rights issue, and shares in William Hill have already climbed five per cent overnight as a direct reaction to the news. They claim that having full ownership will give them more freedom as well as an opportunity to develop their full potential by enhancing all of the products that they offer. On the Playtech side of things, their shares fell two per cent following the announcement.
Ralph Topping is the chief executive of William Hill, and he had this to say: “Having been advised of the valuation of Playtech’s 29% interest, the Board has concluded that it is in the best interests of our shareholders to exercise our call option to assume full ownership of this attractive, high growth, high performing business.” They know what they are doing – and they seem to have a clear direction to go in, judging by these comments.
Representing Playtech was their chief executive, Mor Weizer, who had this to say: “William Hill Online has been an overwhelming success and has delivered a cash return to Playtech greater than 3.5 times its original investment, excluding software royalties in the four years since inception.” It is clear that they want to push the knowledge that they made a good investment here and have profited, to keep hold of confidence in their company and in what they can do in the lead up to this deal.…

Zone4Free And Two Way TV Present A New Cell Phone Lottery Game

Zone4free, a UK based cell phone gambling technology provider has collaborated with Two Way TV, another UK based company that develops mobile-media solutions and the two declared on the 4th of March about their intention to penetrate the cell phone gambling market of Australia with a new service of cell phone lottery games.

The two developed a mobile lottery service for the Australian cell phone gambling market, and even though in Australia there are voices against cell phone gambling their service is predicted to make high revenues since the global mobile betting market has a very high potential and the Australian market is no different. The mobile lottery service was described as “flawless” and now the companies are on their way to conquer the market.

Zone4free is not new to the cell phone gambling market and in its portfolio there are numerous other mobile games and services along with mobile keno games or scratch cards based on Java or SMS technologies. Two Way TV’s portfolio is also diverse with operations such as the Celebrity Big Brother for the British Channel 4 or the Antiques Roadshow for the BBC.

Zone4free’s CEO Shimon Citron has stated that “We trust the benefits of our mobile Lottery services will be important… thanks to the handiness, user-friendliness, and trustworthiness of our cell phones gambling solutions.…

Women Take A Major Role In Cell Phone Gambling

According to a recent US survey, female players constitute two-thirds of cell phone gambling and non-gambling games. A survey headed by Telephia, a major mobile research company, found that Female subscribers of mobile phone games are responsible for 65% of revenues from cell phone gambling and gaming.

According to Kanishka Agarwal, one of the leading researchers of Telephia, “The wireless industry has presented a hungry target audience willing to pay premium access to games through their mobile phones”. Most of the revenues(34%) come from puzzle and strategy games, according to the research’s findings. This figure consists of 72% of female participation.

The most profitable mobile gaming category, with the biggest revenue, were card and casino cell phone gambling games, which made up for 18.3% of total earnings from mobile gaming in general. These games include Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Bingo and other games that involve placing bets through the cell phone. The casino and card game category is not the most popular category, but it is quickly gaining popularity as more women discover mobile casino possibilities.

The most popular four mobile games still do not come from the cell phone gambling category, and include the mainstream games Tetris, Tetris Deluxe, Bejeweled and Jamdat Mahjong. Experts of cellgambling.com say that some mobile casino companies might try to develop cell phone gambling for these types of games, as they already make up 13.6% of profits, with no cell phone gambling involved.

Given this new research, it is safe to say that women rule the mobile gaming industry, including for cell phone gambling games. The sole group that has stayed dominantly male is the category that includes action and adventure games, with a 60% male share.…

WeComm Announces New Vice President Of Sales

On November 14th, 2006, mobile data delivery company, weComm, publicly announced the appointment of Mr. Trevor Cook as the company’s Vice President of Sales.

Mr. Trevor Cook will head weComm’s goal of growth in regards to the media and entertainment industry, as well as the telecommunications and financial services market for interactive mobile television and mobile device portals.

Mr. Cook will also lead the planned expansion of weComm into the United States and the markets in the Asia Pacific region through direct and indirect sales methods. Before becoming the Vice President of weComm, Mr. Trevor Cook was the Vice President of sales at Volantis Systems, a company that handles the sales for mobile operators, providers and content providers.

He has spearheaded the growth of the company by about 120% CAGR from the year 2003 up to 2005. As a result of this perseverance, Volantis Systems ranked 20th in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 list of the up and coming technology companies in the September 2006 issue of the magazine.

Mr. Cook has a total of 25 years of vaunted experience in the technology sector and has previously held positions as the regional managing director in Northern Europe for Candle Corporation, a mainframe software developer company. He also held positions for Sequent and Hewlett Packard. The company owns about 35 patents for high performance, reliability, and compatibility with regards to mobile networks.…

As reported by cellgambling.com, Starting from next month, Vodafone UK is launching a new mobile casino service on “Vodafone live!”, that is scheduled to start from june. The service will include 11 different mobile betting games, among them Roulette, Blackjack, Keno, Poker, and Slots.

The company has signed a contract with Gaming corporation, the company that runs Gambling.com and Casino.co.uk. The service will be a new mobile gambling venture that has not been available before to the UK public.

Mobile phone users will be able to participate in mobile gambling for real money or for play money, which will allow them to play the games for free. The participation and payment for the mobile betting games will be done through the cell phone account.Playing and betting in the mobile games will be restricted with an age limit, through the use of Vodafone’s Content Control system.

Justin Drummond, chief executive for Gaming Corp., expressed the belief that the mobile betting scene, in the UK and in Europe, is expected to grow and expand into new markets in the next few years. According to Drummond ‘This is a major advance for Gaming Corporation and will bring further scale to our mobile gaming operation”.…

Casino Filipino Leader in Philippine Gaming

If you want to talk about gambling in the Philippines, the Casino Filipino cannot be taken out of the discussion; for the Casino Filipino is the frontrunner in providing great gambling experience to both locals and foreigners alike.

There are several branches of this gambling wonder scattered throughout the Phillipines. You may find them near metropolitan areas, like in Tagaytay or in Cebu or as far away as Davao. But the two Casino Filipino branches listed here are found in the nation’s densely populated capital, which is Manila.

Casino Filipino Pavillion

A gambling foreigner who would be looking for Casino Filipino Pavillion will not have such a hard time locating it since it is situated in a very popular place. The Casino Filipino Pavillion is along United Nations Avenue. The LRT, or the Light Railways Transit, has a station on the United Nations Avenue. This train is very much used by locals, so asking for directions to the Casino Filipino Pavillion guarantees good results.

Unlike other gambling houses, the Casino Filipino Pavillion operates 24 hours a day. So whatever time you arrive, you are sure that you can play your favorite gambling game right away. There would be no need to wait.

It is also relatively huge gaming floor with over five hundred slot machines and over a hundred table games. Gambling visitors can surely expect a lot of gambling action to happen in their visit.

The hotel, which is the Holiday Inn Pavillion Hotel is also large with more than five hundred rooms that can be used by travelers and gambling guests as well. The rooms are elegant, and luxurious, very much like the ones in Las Vegas.

Casino Filipino Silahis

Compared to Casino Filipino Pavillion, the Casino Filipino Silahis is a lot smaller, with only over three hundred slot machines to offer. The table games are less than fifty, which really can say how small this is next to the Casino Filipino in United Nations Avenue. By the way, this gambling house is situated along Roxas Boulevard, one of the major roads in Manila, and in the whole Philippines as well.

Although the gambling house itself is not that big, the same cannot be said with the hotel, where this casino is located. The hotel, which is named Grand Boulevard Hotel, includes four hundred and eighty rooms, almost as many as there are in the Holiday Inn Pavillion …

Casino Legalization in Kansas Will Keep Coming Back

The question remains if the Kansan Supreme Court’s school funding decision will allow the legalization of casinos in the state of Kansas. Lawmaker,Sen. Chris Steineger, a pro- gambling Kansas City says, “The state of Kansas has other budget issues besides schools that are going to require more money.”

Steineger promised that “Gaming will keep coming back until we get it passed. It’s an issue that’s really not so much about school finance, but about money that is rightfully ours.”

In a statement made Steineger added: “I’d estimate Kansas has missed out on $500 million that we just gave away to the state of Missouri and to the Indian tribes. That’s money that could have been reduced taxes or spent on health care or on schools.”

Four tribal-owned casinos are tucked out of the way by Kansas on rural reservations. Members of the Kansas Coalition in Problem Gambling are working on an extra basis to combat the effects of compulsive gambling across the state.

Last week’s coalition cited an estimate by the Harvard Medical School Division of Addiction that 4 percent of the population of the adult or 73,000 people of Kansas have a gambling problem.

A coalition member said, “Gambling can be a source of entertainment, a chance to socialize with others in a fun, safe and exciting atmosphere, and perhaps to win some money. However, in recent years, Kansas have been gambling in record numbers.” This caused the distraction of the life of the people of Kansas.…